3D GIS for Urban Development

The drawing of my son Tony
used for the design of the cover



PhD thesis by Siyka Zlatanova

Table of contents

Abstract (English, German, Bulgarian)

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Fundamentals of 3D modelling and visualisation
Chapter 3: Investigation of user requirements for 3D GIS
Chapter 4: Visualisation and interaction strategy
Chapter 5: Conceptual design
Chapter 6: 3D topological relations and SSM
Chapter 7: Logical design and data collection
Chapter 8: Implementation - prototype system and case studies
Chapter 9: Conclusions and further research


Appendix 1: Questionnaire for investigation of user requirements for 3D GIS among 15 producers of GIS and 3D CAD urban data
Appendix 2: An approach to display ID of objects in VR browsers
Appendix 3: 3D topological relations
Appendix 4: Guiding animation