About me



I have graduated as a surveyor at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria in 1983 and I have obtained my PhD degree on 3D GIS for Urban Development at the Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria in 2000. I worked as a software programmer at the Central Cadastre in Sofia, an assistant-professor at UACG, Sofia, Bulgaria, a researcher at the International Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), Enschede, the Netherlands and associate professor at OTB and Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. Since January 2018, I am a full professor at the School of Built Environment, UNSW Sydney and leading the GRID lab.


My research interests are in 3D geo-information: 3D data modelling, BIM and GIS integration, Spatial Digital Twin, 3D databases. With my students we have been working on topics related to indoor navigation and evacuation, structuring and organisation of semantically reach 3D data, Level of Details, data types for freeform curves and surfaces, spatial functions for navigation and evacuation, query and simplifications of IFC models and their matching to CityGML schema. Since several years I am focusing on employing voxel approaches for different applications (demo).


I have been leading and participating in several national and international projects. Some of the most interesting ones are listed below:

- Resilient and intelligent infrastructure systems (RIIS)

- Next Generation Architecture Manufacturing

- BREATHE - centre for research excellence in airborne threats

-  Liveable City Digital Twin (demo)

- 3D visibility analysis with voxels for safety and security (demo)

- UNSW campus and beyond: BIM and 3D GIS (2018-2019), funded by CRC LCL (demo)

- Indoor scanning for F&R NSW (2018-2020) (demo)

- Methods for identification for free navigable space (2018-2022) iNout, Pusan University South Korea

- Spying the Underground: 3D Subsurface Utility Visualization in Augmented Reality Glasses, (2016) (Vimeo, project) funded by 4TU Lighthouse

- Smart 3D indoor models to support crisis management in large public buildings (2015-2019), (Sims3D) funded by NWO/STW M4S (demo)

- Big data analytics for the geospatial domain (2014-2015) (images, software), funded by NWO/eScience

- Navigation for first responders among moving obstacles (2011-2015) PhD project (demos), funded by CSC, China

- Indoor semantic modelling to support path finding (2010-2017) PhD project (demos), funded by CSC, China


More demos here.


I am an author and co-author of more than 500 papers, and I have edited and co-edited 23 books. A full list of publications (downloadable) is available here. I have been involved in the work of several international organisations (ISPRS, UDMS, ISC GeoUnions SC DRR) and standardisation bodies (OGC, ISO). I have been actively participating in the organisation of conferences such as 3D GeoInfo, Gi4DM, Indoor3D and many summer schools hosted by different universities.  


In my free time I am cycling, walking, hiking, reading and watching movies.





last updated January, 2023